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this is 9news now. >> hello, i'm bruce johnson. less than a month before the election, demonstrators in favor of maryland's dream act rallied in support of that law. the legal immigrants would be allowed in state tuition rates if parents paid taxes and they attended local public schools. opponents say other taxpayers should not be made to foot the bill for people not here legally. andrea mccarren was at today's
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rally. >> i love this country. when i say home, i mean here. >> i do consider myself an american. >> up, up with education, down, down with deportation. >> they are among the so- called dreamers. students whose parents brought them into this country illegally. >> my mom even says that you are more american than spanish anymore. you still get confused in spanish words. i'm like yeah, i know. >> a cancer survivor who says his surgery at johns hopkins saved his life. rickie wants to share his gratitude. >> i have to give back to society. i think the way i want to do it is becoming a doctor and save lives, just as my life was saved once. >> opponents of the dream act call it a bad investment for maryland taxpayers. brad of help save maryland calls it criminal. and says it would cost
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taxpayers $44,000 per student. >> it's part of life. not everybody is going to like you. so you learn to accept it and learn to respect it. >> hundreds of dreamers marched to the university of maryland to make their point and urge others to register to vote and cast their ballots in favor of question four. >> we are not looking to cut in line in front of somebody else. we are looking to have the same line, just in a different door. ann andrea mccarren, 9news. >> conducted by a group that supports the dream act, indicated that 60% of the voters support it. those numbers are disputed by opponents of the law. four people remain hospitalized tonight. shot in the same violent incident last night. one of the victims is reportedly critical condition. three men and a woman were standing in a group when they were shot in the 1300 block of north capital street.
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this happened after 9:00 last night. police tell 9news now tonight the victims may have been hit by bullets from another group of people who are actually seen shooting into the air nearby. that group is seen running away from the scene. family and friends of firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice are gathering this weekend. the national fallen firefighters memorial is paying tribute to firefighters who died in the line of duty last year. >> it is a traditional hispanic custom to display luminaries on an important event. tonight and the eve of the national fallen firefighter memorial service, we display these tributes in honor of each of the 85 heros that we honor and remember tonight. >> one of the fallen officers is from our area.
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mark was with the volunteer fire department in lutherville, maryland. he died fighting a four-alarm blaze in an apartment building early last year. tomorrow mark's name will be among the 85 names inscribed on the fallen firefighter memorial. maryland health authorities say this case is tied to a tainted steroid injection last month. so far, the outbreak left seven people dead, including one maryland resident. authorities confirm another 60 people contracted meningitis. symptoms include fever, headache, neck stiffness and nausea and vomiting. five terror suspects are behind bars tonight in the u.s. after being extradited from england. one of the suspects is accused of conspiring to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. the prosecutor calls the extradition a watershed moment in the fight against terrorism. more tonight. >> radical islamic creature
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entered no plea as he stood in front of the district court judge in new york city. he was dressed in a blue prison shirt revealing his amputated arms, which are usually covered by prosthetic hooks for hands. the terror suspect is charged with attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. >> the camp would have trained al-qaeda sympathizers here in the united states and have them trained in explosive training and frankly, soldier training. >> two other defendants entered not guilty pleas. one of them is charged with terrorism conspiracy in connection with a 1998 bombing, killing 224 people, including a dozen americans. >> he received the statement of responsibility for the bombing three days before the bombing actually happened. >> this is the second time a creature brought to this court
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to answer charges. the blind shake was convicted here in 1995 for plotting to blow up the new york city bridges and tunnels. this case is a culmination of several years of trying to get almazri and the other four suspects extradited from the uk. the infamous shoe bomber and september 11 conspirator were followers. the fiveterror suspects were extradited to the u.s. overnight, arriving under tight security. cbs news, new york. two of the five suspects had court appearances in new haven, connecticut, while two others appeared in federal court in new york city. you know the country is divided politically and who better to argue both sides of all issues than fox tv's bill o'reilly and john stewart. they have been on campus at george washington university and ken molestina is standing by live. ken, were they smart and funny? >> reporter: they were all
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that and much more. listen, bruce, you know this. anybody who has spent time in washington knows that this town loves bickering. they love debate. they love opinions. they love humor, but most importantly, they all like a good show. that's exactly what happened here today at the rumble in the air-conditioned auditorium. that's what they called it. let's take you inside and show you what it looked like earlier tonight when these two squared off. the fox news anchor and host of the daily show, of course, tangled away for a 90 minute debate in front of a sold out crowd of 1200 and countless of people who were watching online. the two took jabs at each other through humor and even sick at times. john stewart significantly shorter than bill o'reilly. he used a platform there to sort of get up to his height. that was a joke that he carried on throughout the entire debate. the issues were the economics of the country, healthcare, social security, and the middle east. back out live, i'll tell you
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both of them agreed to disagree on many different things, but the one thing that they both shared a consensus on is that the winners of all of this today were the chunk of the profits. of course, this is something that was done all in good fun, they say, but they also hope that this will continue to keep those conversations, those crucial, important conversations going in this country leading up to the election. bruce. >> you know, we keep score. do you want to tell us who won or remain neutral? >> you see, that's the thing. i don't think any one won more than the other. both took equal jabs at each other. at they said, and i do believe this, bruce, the winners were the public. a lot of people watched this online and so they think they are the winners. the people that enjoyed this and continue the conversations. i'll add something, bruce, there was a big glitch. this was not televised over the air. this was an event that people
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paid $4.95 to watch a live stream of. they said 100,000 people throughout the world who were watching this, they had a glitch. they couldn't really watch this until maybe 50 minutes into the debate. so there was a big glitch. they are hoping that people who did pay for it can watch it at a later time because i'll tell you something, it was worth watching. >> ken molestina reporting live. thanks for that. just ahead on 9news now this saturday night, terrifying moments to passengers aboard a packed bus in new jersey this week. also, a pilot makes an emergency landing in downtown burmingham, alabama, today. and i'm meteorologist erica grow. a big change rolled through today in the form of a cold front and now i need a jacket. the summer-like temperatures are gone and as you wake up tomorrow morning, not only will it be chilly, but we'll see some rain. i'll let you know how long the rain lasts coming up in a few minutes.
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alabama college student is shot and killed by police. it happened around 1:30 this morning at the university of south alabama in mobile. police say 18-year-old gilbert was naked when he attacked a police officer just outside the
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campus police department. the officer fired his service weapon, killing the student. no word yet tonight on what might have prompted that attack. the bus overturns in northern new jersey sending 23 people, including two children to the hospital. eight of the injured are in critical condition tonight following this morning's crash on an interstate exit ramp in wayne, new jersey. state police say the bus is traveling from canada with some 57 people on board when it overturned. the quick thinking pilot makes a safe emergency landing in downtown birmingham, alabama. the pilot was on his way from tampa, florida, to kansas city when low visibility forced him to land in a downtown birmingham field. >> when i broke the clouds, i saw the vacancy. and that's what we did. we landed right in the center of the field. my passenger was quiet. i made sure my passenger didn't hit their head or anything like
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that. but i was talking to the control tower all the way down. in fact, i turned the radio off until i hit the ground and turned it back on and she asked me if i knew where i was at and i didn't. i said it was an interstate on one side and commercial buildings all around me. i had no idea where i'm at. >> that's a good pilot. he wasn't hurt, his passenger suffered minor injuries. coming up tonight on 9news now, pennsylvania avenue filled with good music and great food this weekend. we'll get a sample of the taste of d.c. when we come back. and colder weather headed this way. we'll have erica's forecast coming up.
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the president and first lady, michelle obama, had a belated anniversary celebration tonight. they celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary with dinner in the four seasons hotel. the couple's actual anniversary was wednesday night, same night as the presidential debate. well, hundreds of people headed to downtown washington for the taste of d.c. celebration along pennsylvania avenue today. more than 50 area restaurants were on hand for the start of the three-day celebration.
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in addition to a wide variety of food, the event also features some 30 specialty beers, live entertainment, and chili bowl second annual chili eating championship. they hope to showcase the capital as a power house. the people i talked with, they are off to a good start. >> we found a line that wasn't too long. we wanted barbecue, we found this one spot and i forget the name, but it sure smelled good. i like the truck, smoking meat behind us, that's good. >> taste of d.c. is a great event. they have a ton of different beers and i've enjoyed every one i have tried. i'm having a great time. >> the sangria is excellent and it's free. so i'm happy about that. >> taste of d.c. continues tomorrow and monday. the holiday from noon until 7:00 in the evening. admission, $10. erica, you like to eat? >> i do.
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can't you tell? >> no. i'm telling you, taste of d.c., pennsylvania avenue. we get some time on monday, we should go down there. absolutely great. >> you can help show me around. still pretty new here to d.c. >> weather wise. >> unfortunately tomorrow, not a great day to go down to taste of d.c. it's going to be dreary. bring the umbrella if you are heading out there. that's my best advice. and maybe a rain jacket because it is going to be chillier as well. details straight ahead. let's take a welcome at the michael and son weather camera. 56 degrees outside right now. it's still clear, but it is getting chilly. that dew point in the 40s. an indication that temperatures are going to dip overnight tonight. that northerly breeze is going to continue as well and that will keep our temperatures capped. it's not going to warm up. chilly overnight tonight. if you step outside, you are feeling it. the clouds roll in early tomorrow morning and showers by mid-morning for some of us.
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the heavy rain will arrive as we head into the afternoon and then it will finally clear up as we head late into the night on sunday. monday does look better, so that holiday will be an improvement in our forecast. right now, it's down to 48 degrees. it's 56 downtown in d.c. 53 at andrew's air force base. look at that temperature in cumberland. 43 degrees. there's a frost advisory in place for the panhandle for sunday night. not for tonight, but sunday night and this storm system that is coming toward us will bring the clouds as we head into the morning hours. you can see that there are pockets of heavy rain along with that storm system, too. and 9future cast is going to time out the arrival of some of that rain. the clouds overspreading as we head into the mid-morning hours and the rain will be to the south of the district at first. even that pushes up during the lunchtime hour. we're going to see some of that rain getting heavy at times and down here, as you head toward pax river, the northern neck, you'll see heavy rain as we
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head into the afternoon. pockets of heavy rain continue to move through as we head into the afternoon hours and by dinner time, it is still messy around the district and beltway and we don't clear out until monday morning. it does look like monday will be a better day. overnight tonight, partly cloudy and chilly. and then as we head into sunday morning, lots of clouds in place with rain showers and low 50s and that's pretty much where temperatures are going to stay. we aren't going to see a lot of movement because of the clouds and chilly wind out of the north. 50 to 58 for your afternoon high. that's all we are going to muster as we head into tomorrow. over the next three days, code yellow tomorrow because we go with code yellow when the weather is going to affect your outdoor plans. that's what we have tomorrow. high of 58 degrees and lots of rain. on monday, chance of showers later on in the day. 62 degrees for your high and tuesday, much better. with a high of 66. it looks nice for most of the shortened workweek. i wish i could give you the
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nice weather during the weekend, but this is what we have. 66 degrees on tuesday. wednesday a high of 70 degrees with a chance for a shower and then after that cold front moves through, it actually gets a little bit milder. a high of 72 degrees as we head into thursday and friday. just a slight chance for a shower. overall, the forecast does improve once we get past tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a rough one. >> thanks a lot. >> if you're a regular channel 9 viewer, you have seen the banners on the top of your tv screen and 30 second commercials telling you about the possibility that wusa may not be available to dish tv subscribers starting on monday. gwinnett, our parent company is in negotiations with dish for the right to carry wusa signal on their sat satellite service. right up until the sunday night deadline. dish issued a statement saying the issues involved use of the
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company's commercial skipping technology found on the dvr system it provides. the complete statement can be found on there is some good news. wusa is available over the air on verison, comcast, rcn, cox, and other local cable providers. coming up in sports, i haven't seen you in a long time. >> i've been here, i've been around, and there's lots to talk about. maryland, they open up their acc opener. can they dig in for a win? and it's the first weekend of playoffs baseball, both the nats and orioles are preparing for their games. the nats hope to make the most of being in the playoffs for the first time since 1933. stay with us.
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and now, 9sports. >> maryland entered today's game with wake forest on a two- game losing streak, as they open the acc part of their schedule. if they can manage a win, they surpass their win total of two games. not too much to fear from the turtle lately. end of the first half, maryland with the ball. perry hill didn't play particularly well, but he got it here. that makes it 13-7 maryland. down 13-12 when hill finds freshman, stefan digs. digs made the most of this play. look at him go. taking the pass 63 yards. digs finished the day with five catches for 105 and that 63- yarder set up this. the one-yard justice run for the win. terps pull off the 19-14 win. even in victory, digs isn't very pleased with his performance. >> personally, i think i had one of the worst games in my
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life. i am proud of myself for making those plays and i didn't make those plays today. it doesn't make for my pass. >> okay, he's going to try harder. heisman favorite has the mountaineers flying high. he connected with austin here for a 40-yard touchdown strike. west virginia hangs on in a shootout with texas 48-45. the long horns lost eight straight games against top 25 teams. frank beamer hokies in chapel hill. bernard ripped off a 62-yard touchdown scamper on 4th and 1 early in the second quarter. he rushed for a career high 266 yards. the most the hokies allowed since he was hired. the hokies fall to 1-3 and off to their worst six-game start. the cavaliers in durham to face the blue devils. early 4th quarter, duke starts piling on the deep pass is caught by conner vernon for a
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45-yard touchdown. duke goes on to win this one 42- 17. navy with a first game in the race for the commander in chief's trophy at air force. going straight to overtime, the goal line fumbled, the navy recovers in the end zone. watch if again. play would be reviewed. call upheld to give navy the lead. air force one more try, fourth down. the pass was batted down. navy wins a thriller. 28-21. to profootball. the redskins preparing for just their second home game. heading into week five of the season. but home isn't such a special place. washington is looking to snap a seven-game home losing streak. to do that, they have to ground the falcons who are undefeated. matt ryan and the high powered offense will prove to be a challenge for the redskins d. the offense averages 31 points per game. atlanta has scored a league high 43 points and ryan, he's the nfl's highest rated passer.
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>> matt ryan has been playing lights out. the first full week of the season. so definitely best pass we would have faced so far this season. >> best time of the year, playoff baseball. if you're a fan of the game in this area, you must be on cloud nine. the orioles and the nationals are in the post season. a washington team playing beyond regular season ball for the first time since 1933. take on the st. louis cardinals. the nats won the regular season series. four games to three over the defending world series champs. last weekend they lost two of three in st. louis. the nats motto is keep doing what got us here. >> we really don't do anything different. i don't want to act any different. it's going be business as usual. we have no trick plays or running out there. >> pitches are going to be tough. you have to mentally prepare
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yourself and pound the strike zone. >> for the o's, we learn today who the game one starter will be. jason ham el will get the ball started. dominant at times. the o's starter say hamel is ready to go. >> i've been able to stay on top of my arm. i'm not worried about it at all. i'm confident and i'm sure the team is, too. >> all that shouldn't be a challenge for him. the challenge is going to be the yankees. they'll let us know how he's pitching. we're excited about the possibility of getting him back. >> i am so happy for my friends who are orioles fans. they waited a long time for this day. >> in the 90s? >> 15 years. it's been 15 years. >> i think nats and orioles fans deserve this. >> that's me. >> okay. want to recap for us? >> we're going to see a dreary, dreary sunday on tap.
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very chilly, 58 degrees and some areas in the beltway are not even going to get above 50. all right. heavy rain is possible tomorrow. >> so, you stay inside and watch the game. >> that's a great place. >> and football. plenty to watch. thanks for watching, everybody, we'll see you back here tomorrow. bye.
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